5 Travel Apps You Should Be Using

5 Travel Apps You Should Be Using

With hundreds of apps being developed every week, it is all too easy to miss one. Here is a list of 5 travel apps you should be using right now.

finderyFindery, developed by the co-founder of Flickr, is a travel guide with a personal touch. This is your chance to arrive at a new destination and view it through a fellow explorer’s eyes. Unlike TripAdvisor or Yelp that is full of multiple reviews of the same place, Findery’s aim is to provide a more intimate look into someone’s experience. The location based app allows you to hit the ground running and provides tips, trivia and the ability to leave notes for others to find. Android, iOS


wunderwalkWunderWalk is your portable concierge and tour guide all in one app. It recommends a unique itinerary of what you would like to explore, and guides you along the way. The app is like a blending of Foursquare and Google Maps  and allows you to create your own ultimate outing. Android, iOS


packpointPackPoint establishes where you are headed by asking a few questions and then generates a tailored packing list; which can be great assistance for a new destination. The app takes into account the length of stay and also incorporates the latest forecast into your customized list. Android, iOS


fetchFetch gives everyone the opportunity to have his or her own personal assistant—with a cool twist. On the app, your “assistant” helps you buy plane tickets, book a hotel, rent a car, or even find seats at an event you’d like to attend. But unlike virtual smartphone assistants Siri and Google Now, Fetch finds real people to help you. Android, iOS


honkHonk is here to stand between you and car trouble on your next road trip. If you unexpectedly catch a flat, run out of gas, or need a tow, Honk connects you with a local garage to get the job done fast. Unlike AAA, there are no membership fees. Instead, you’re given a guaranteed price quote when you ask for help and pay for only the emergency services you need. Android, iOS


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