Our Travel Gear

I have put together a list of all of my favorite, tried and tested travel gear. Most of this gear has been with me since the beginning, and I highly recommend it.


  • Canon EOS 5Ds - Travel Gear

    Canon EOS 5Ds

    The highest image quality available today in a DSLR. I couldn’t recommend this camera more.

  • Zeiss 18mm

    Zeiss 18mm

    I use this as my go to lens whenever I am taking pictures, it is usually with this lens.

  • Canon 50mm

    Canon 50mm

    When I am going to be taking portraits or perusing a market, this is the lens I use.

  • Canon 70-300mm

    Canon 70-300mm

    Anytime wildlife is involved I pull this guy out, whether it’s lizards or lions.

  • Sony RX100 III

    Sony RX100 III

    This pocket camera takes unbelievable images, even in low light.

  • GoPro HERO4 Black

    GoPro HERO4 Black

    Videos on this little guy are crazy good, and you can even take it underwater in a pinch.

  • SanDisk Extreme Pro 64gb

    SanDisk Extreme Pro

    The only brand of media I have ever used, and it has never let me down.

  • Dolica Tripod

    Dolica Tripod

    Light and travel ready, this tripod as done everything I have asked of it.


  • Anker PowerCore Battery

    Anker PowerCore Battery

    This little guy has saved us more than once. Plus there is enough power to fully charger multiple devices.

  • Anker USB Charger

    Anker USB Charger

    The ability to charge 6 devices while only using 1 plug, is all you need to say about this handy device.

  • Coast LED Flashlight

    Coast LED Flashlight

    Holy Bright! Even taken this little fellow in a few caves.

  • Travel Plug Adapters

    Travel Plug Adapters

    Without these, all would be lost. Remember to always check your electronics voltage before plugging in.


  • North Face Backpack

    North Face Backpack

    While I have yet to find a suitcase we would recommend, my backpack have never let us down.

  • Packing Cubes

    Packing Cubes

    Whether you are on the road for a week or a year, organization is key.

  • Columbia Jacket

    Columbia Jacket

    Light weight, waterproof and completely packable. This is a go anywhere kind of jacket.

  • Muji Passport Holder

    Passport Holder

    Organization strikes again. Passport, Credit Cards, Cash, and keys to our locks and suitcases, plus a pen for immigration forms. Muji makes some of the handiest travel accessories on the market.


  • Transportation Services


    The majority of my traveling comes from local buses, and if available I take trains. When I have to fly, my first stop without question is Skyscanner. Then after I find out which airline has the best price, I book direct with their website. Right before I pay, I usually double check Expedia. When I’m in the U.S., I add one additional step and check Southwest; because they are excluded from searches.

  • Lodging Services


    I always try and book with Expedia first, because they have a pretty good rewards program. After that I check Booking. If I’m staying in the same place for a week or longer, I will check Airbnb (Earn a $40 credit with this link and your first stay). Some listings will give a discount for 7 days or longer, which is a good way to offset the cleaning fee. And of course don’t forget to check Couchsurfing from time to time; after all, they even have listings in the Galapagos.

  • Destination Information


    Admittedly Lonely Planet is one of my most used resources, and I use Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited to borrow all of them that I need. I also like to read a lot of travel blogs. Ocassionally I go to Wikitravel, but they tend to be outdated, so mostly it is a jumping off point for Google research.

  • Financial Services


    When it comes to banking there is one place that is a travelers best friend, Charles Schwab. Their debit card comes with a Chip + PIN, no foreign transaction fees, and all ATM charges are refunded; best bank ever. As for travel credit cards my two favorite are the CapitalOne Venture card and the Barclaycard Arrival Plus. These are both great cards and of course have zero foreign transaction and convertion fees, plus you earn points to earase any kind of travel charge. I also check in with The Points Guy and Nerd Wallet from time to time to read the latest.

*Full disclosure, I’m a member of the Amazon affiliate program.