What Are We Up To Next?

We have made it through the first 3 months of our 2-year journey. When we started we planned our itinerary through our arrival into Rwanda on July 11, 2015. We spent April through early July traveling through the United States, Canada and Europe. Now it’s the end of July, and we are slowly adding a few definite dates to our itinerary, but we still seem to be undecided for the rest of our time.

done and done

Done and Done!

We arrived into Kigali, Rwanda on July 11, 2015 with a 3 month Eastern African Visa covering Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. The visa allows us to move freely between the 3 countries until October 11. However, if we choose to enter any other country (with the exception of Tanzania) our visa will be voided, and we will need to apply for a new visa to re-enter. We prefer not to pay any additional visa fees, so we will stay within the 4 Eastern countries through October.

East Africa

For our remaining time in Rwanda, we have quite a few things in the works. We are most excited about visiting the Team Rwanda cycling compound in Musanze, meeting the staff and dogs at WAG-Rwanda’s only dog rescue group, heading south to visit Butare to see and learn about our friend’s hometown, and locating the newly introduced lions in Akagera National Park (the first lions in Rwanda in over 20 years). Other ideas we are kicking around are visiting the Musanze cave system in northwest Rwanda, and trekking the Nyungwe Forest to see some monkeys.

Uganda is more of a crapshoot. Matt has zero interest to visit Uganda again, and I am holding out hope that we can find something redeeming about it. We had visited Kampala and Entebbe in 2011, and were left flat. We received some recommendations to spend a weekend at Lake Bunyonyi and head to Jinja to raft the Nile River.

fork in the road

Which road to take?

My cousin will be meeting us in Nairobi, Kenya in mid September where we plan on spending about a week in Kenya and a week in Tanzania. In Nairobi we hope to tour a potato chip factory, which anyone who knows me will know that I am beside myself with giddiness for this one. The “must do” list also includes the David Sheffield Wildlife Trust elephant orphanage, the Serengeti and/or Ngorogoro Crater, hiking part of Mt. Kilimanjaro and relaxing on the beaches of Zanzibar.


After Tanzania we will either head back to Kigali, Rwanda for a few days or head to Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo to hike Mt. Nyiragongo. This will put us through mid to end of October when we will start to head south to possibly visit Zambia, Mozambique, Namibia, Malawi and Botswana.

Any suggestions for MUST SEE/DO places? Please let us know your favorite African countries and must see locations.

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  2. It sounds like a trip of a lifetime!! I hope you guys are having fun exploring! I can’t wait to meet Heather one day and now I know who I can contact anytime I need travel advice

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