A Change in Philosophy Will Have You Traveling Cheaper and More Often

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Do a fair amount of traveling and inevitably you’ll get asked, “How Do You Travel So Much?” To that I give a simple one word answer, Flexibility. When February rolls around Glinda likes to take a trip to a nice warm beach, and escape the cold for a few days; which is a reasonable enough request. What she doesn’t say is, “Take me to Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas”. There are literally thousands of beaches, and on any given day of the year more than half of them are nice and warm. The question then becomes, why put an unnecessary restraint on your trip planning right from the start.

The beach we went to instead, Devils Bay Beach on Virgin Gorda.

The beach we went to instead, Devils Bay Beach on Virgin Gorda.

In essence there are 2 parts to any given trip, the Where and the When. Being flexible is what allows you to travel for less money, so you can turn 1 trip into 2 or better still 2 into 4. Let’s go back to Glinda and her beach. Taking advantage of the 3 day weekend in February is the When. Now we just need to put in a little leg work and find out who is giving the best deal that weekend. By being flexible on the Where instead of maybe forty different flights to take us to see the Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas, we can choose between thousands of options to whatever beaches are giving the best deals.

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Eiffel Tower, Paris.

The same principle as above applies in reverse, if you absolutely must see the Eiffel Tower in Paris. You have the Where, Paris. So now your job is to search around and find the best deal on the When. Once again you have gone from a few choices to almost an infinite number of possibilities. If you want to take it to the next level, because everywhere has something to see or experience, don’t worry about the where or the when. Turns out for whatever reason all of the sudden you have next Monday off, head over to Skyscanner put in the dates and leave the destination blank and just see what happens.

skyscanner everywhere search

Skyscaner Everywhere Search.

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