Street Art Phoenix Arizona

Maynard’s Street Art Obsession – Phoenix, Arizona

By: Matthew

Having spent a good deal of my life in the Phoenix area, I have seen it evolve. The Phoenix I knew from 15 years ago, was all about one kind of art and that was southwestern, and for the most part you went to Scottsdale for that. Then phoenix launched a long-term downtown revitalization project. Before you knew it, galleries started popping up all throughout the area. To follow that up the city teamed up with the Phoenix Art Museum and the main branch of the library to create First Friday. On the first Friday of every month all the galleries, the art museum and the library all join forces to put on a night of art for all to enjoy. Not long after that the street art started appearing. On my last visit, we found a nice selection of art and it wasn’t just concentrated in the downtown Roosevelt area, which bodes well for the local art community. The majority of our findings were murals, which is good, as locals tend to be less apprehensive to that style. While street art can be found throughout the city we concentrated on Grand Avenue, Roosevelt Street, and 7th Street all within the confines of downtown.

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Discovering the Wilds of Tampa Bay Florida

Myakka River Park 05

When the opportunity came up at work to travel to a conference, my hand shot up before I even heard where it was. Once I found out the location I immediately started researching what the area had to offer. Initially my goal was to see an alligator or a manatee, but after further exploration I settled on an alligator. With my goal selected, I set out to explore the Tampa Bay area and to keep a keen eye out for Mr. Alligator.

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Maynard’s Street Art Obsession – St Petersburg, FL

Street Art - St Petes 01

I got sent to St Petersburg, Florida for work and had about 5 days, mostly late afternoons and evenings, to explore the area. I had kept my eye out for signs of street art on my drives, but hadn’t really seen much to speak of. I was down to my last few hours and swinging by a local favorite the “Taco Bus” for some food before heading to the airport when I finally struck pay dirt. I clearly hadn’t been checking enough alleys; unfortunately they were working alleys so I had to share with a bunch of cars which lead to some photos taken at strange angels. Interested in seeing more street art check here, interested in seeing my guide to street art check here. On a side note I was particularly delighted to see support from “New Belgium Brewing” for one of the pieces.

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