Travelationship’s High Fives to Creating a Better Holiday

By: Heather

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Want to make the most of your travel time? Here are 5 of our top travel tips for a better holiday.

  1. Put down your camera – Don’t depend on your camera to create all your memories

I am not suggesting to cut all photos & videos, but at times put down your electronics and take in the moments. Stop, look, listen, smell and feel the energy around you. Take it all in and create memories in your mind and soul.

Gorilla Trekking 33

The time we spent watching Gorillas in Rwanda.

  1. Be Flexible

Things happen. Weather happens. Businesses close. Don’t take it personally and move on. The faster you accept it and move on the better the possibilities for a great new adventure. Have a backup plan for bad weather or business closings. Don’t stress a wrong turn or getting lost sometimes those little mishaps create the most surprising experiences.

The Baths on Virgin Gordo in the British Virgin Islands.

Our day in Virgin Gordo came from a casual conversation in a gift shop.

  1. Keep times open don’t over schedule

Loosen up your time schedule. Life is already a blur of rushing from one place to another. Allow time to adjust between activities. Give yourself time to process & reflect upon each activity before you move on to the next itinerary item.

Love shadow on the beach.

Remember, It’s a vacation, have fun!

  1. Challenge Yourself

Try something you have never tried before. Maybe a cooking class, bungee jumping, learning the local language or taste a new type of food. I like to attempt to talk to at least one local person each day. It is an excellent way to learn about the people, customs and the hidden gems in the area.

meet a local

Heather talking to a local in Alabama.

  1. Do Nothing

Breathe in, breathe out, take in yourself and just be.

do nothing

You’ve earned it.

Of course with all of these suggestions your safety should always be the first priority.

Do you have a favorite tip on how to create a better holiday? Let us know & share yours in the comments.

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