Travelationship High Fives: Our 5 Favorite Super Easy Traveling Tips

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Traveling can be stressful. We are always looking for tips to help cut down on any anxiety that may creep in while planning or while on a trip. Here are each of our 5 Favorite Super Easy Traveling Tips.

Travel with copies of your photo passport page. I travel with at least 2 copies of my photo passport page. I hide one in my carryon and 1 in either my purse or toiletry bag. If your passport ever is lost or stolen the copies will come in handy to speed up the process of obtaining a new one.

Create a language cheat sheet. I am really big on trying to communicate with locals in their language. I create a list of common phrases and words to refer to while traveling. I hand write the list and type the list into my notepad on my phone. I carry both in case my phone battery runs low or I have some sort of technical issue.

Create a list of emergency numbers and contacts. Yes, I have all this information on my phone but what if I lose my phone? On my list are all my contact people in case I need assistance. It includes family, friends, and credit card companies telephone numbers and emails addresses. If you are worried about losing your list and someone getting your digits…use a code that you will remember.

Always carry Imodium or some type of anti-diarrhea medicine. Diarrhea is my worst nightmare. Ugh! Just thinking about being sick gives me anxiety.

Can’t find your map?  Can’t remember the name of your hotel? Take a photo of maps, addresses, hotel signs, business card, etc.. In case you forget a name, an address and/or location you can refer to your photo for assistance.

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Travel size container doesn’t equal travel size portions. Aches and Pains bottles that hold 20 pills can easily hold up to 50 or more. Band-Aid container of 6 can easily be bumped up to 12. Q-Tips in a 15 pack, more like 30 when loaded right. Instead of buying multiple travel size containers, reuse and restock from supplies you already have at home. Also, with medicine it is a good idea to keep it in a labeled container as some countries have strict guidelines on want you can bring in.

Fold, Roll, Stuff, Compress. How can I get the most clothes into my suitcase? People are constantly trying to come up with new methods to get the most out of their space. Compression works pretty good, but if your clothes are going to be packed away for a longer time, it can create creases in odd spots. The winner is “Rolling”, a nice tight roll will allow you to get more outfits in less space and avoid wrinkles and creases.

Laundry. I know when you’re on vacation the last thing you want to think about is laundry. If you are on an extended vacation and you want to avoid that second bag and the fee that comes with it, spend a couple hours with the locals and do your laundry. It can also be a great place to pick local info or tips from other travelers doing the same thing. If you are really opposed to spending the time to do the laundry, ask around about laundry service; places that do it by weight are the best. If you are thinking of having your hotel do it, check on the prices first and it can be very expensive.

USB Powered Devices are everywhere and each one has its own charger. One way to save on bringing a charger for the iPad, phone, camera, music player, etc. is to think about small powered USB hubs. One outlet needed, and let’s be honest hotels don’t seem to provide a lot of those, with anywhere from 4-10 USB slots.

Research is key. You work hard all year for that vacation, so when the time comes you don’t want to miss out or be stuck and miserable. Hit review sites like TripAdvisor for user content and opinions and guide books for highlights. The questions shouldn’t stop once you reach your destination. Ask at the hotel about restaurant recommendations or the ticket attendant about the museum you are about to enter.

What are some of your favorite easy traveling tips?

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