Want to Live Like a Local in Iceland?

Looking toward Flugumyri

Want to get to know a local or live like a local in Iceland? Consider a farmhouse stay while in Iceland. Not only does it help to support an Icelandic family, it provides a wonderful opportunity to learn and experience the real Iceland.

Each farm stay centers around different types of experiences from horses, sheep, hiking, rafting, skiing to simple relaxation all with breathtaking views. The prices, amenities and accommodations vary by location. Be sure to do your research before you choose the perfect farm stay for your holiday. We used the “Icelandic Farm Holiday” website to choose the perfect horse farm stay for us. The site functions similar to other booking sites with information on each location. It even offers tours, activities, package deals and travel guides for the entire area. We also used recommendations from Auður’s blog, “I heart Reykjavík“, to point us in the right direction for tons of things to see and do in Iceland.

We stayed at Flugumýri in the Skagafjordur region of Northern Iceland. The farm was named after the fastest horse in Iceland during the Norse settlement, Fluga. The accommodations were very nice and the views from every direction were jaw dropping. The horses are friendly and hang out directly on the other side of your window until it time for them to go to pasture.

Flugumyri sign

Flugumyri sign.

Icelandic horses

Icelandic horses.

Icelandic horse love

Icelandic horse love.

Looking out our bedroom window

Looking out our bedroom window.

Our host was incredibly accommodating and gave us a history of her family’s five-generation working farm. A delicious breakfast was prepared and provided by her in the morning. She was wealth of knowledge about the area and turned us on to two Icelandic companies, Villimey and Vöðvaolía, which make fantastic lotions and oils out of the Icelandic herbs.

Recommendable: Without a Doubt! One of the highlights of our trip to Iceland.

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