Maynard’s Street Art Obsession – Krakow

street art krakow

I have been interested in and capturing Street Art for several years now. I have cataloged various forms of it in many different cities. I even made a guide for types of street art in a previous article on Amsterdam you can read here. From my wanderings in Krakow, I didn’t notice a large variety of types of art.  Most seemed to be stencils, this could be due to harsher penalties in Krakow, and stencils are the quickest way to post your art.

There was also a noticeable difference in the tone of the art I encountered, in particular with some images dealing with fascism. Amsterdam was more upbeat in its depictions of characters, and a larger variety of colors were used there. Krakow was once the epicenter of creativity and higher learning in Poland, and I wonder if the hard years it spent under the iron curtain has stifled that spirit.

Mouse - Character

Mouse – Character

Astronaut - Stencil

Astronaut – Stencil

Fight Fascism - Stencil

Fight Fascism – Stencil

City - Mural

City – Mural

Mans face - Stencil

Mans face – Stencil

Chinese Guardian Lion - Character

Chinese Guardian Lion – Character

Musician - Stencil

Musician – Stencil

Alien - Character

Alien – Character

Good Night - Stencil

Good Night – Stencil

Scream - Stencil

Scream – Stencil

Dead One - Stencil

Dead One – Stencil

Rafał Górski - Stencil

Rafał Górski – Stencil

Trojan - Stencil

Trojan – Stencil

Cut out - Stencil

Cut out – Stencil

* Was - Stencil

* Was – Stencil

Wild Things - Stencil

Wild Things – Stencil

Cuall Street - Stencil

Cuall Street – Stencil

Face - Stencil

Face – Stencil

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      Thank you for your kind words and thank you for stopping by. I had to walk down several streets in order to find even that many pictures. What is the street art/graffiti like in the Ukraine?

        1. Post

          I really enjoyed the two images you sent. The early stages can be rally exciting because you can watch the movement evolve into beautiful and interesting art. Although it looks like ‘Interesni Kazky’ is already there.

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