Maynard’s Street Art Obsession – Budapest

Bunny character isolated - Stencil - Street Art Budapest

[Matthew’s View]

Budapest is not on par with Paris, Berlin, London or Amsterdam when it comes to street art; however, I did see a little bit of light trying to shine through. While Krakow had a much more serious note attached to its art, Budapest leaned more towards the light-hearted. My exploits to find art on the streets of Budapest were starting to fizzle in a big way; when I finally came across a stencil of a white rabbit. As we all learned as kids, you are supposed to follow the white rabbit. Eventually, I came across some fun pieces and one stencil of a political nature. I had to include some stickers which I usually shy away from, to round out my collection; pickings were rather slim. I couldn’t tell if Budapest was developing a street art scene or diminishing one. I did come across some rudimentary sketches which makes me think they may be growing. Fingers crossed they are in the developing column. If I do return someday, I hope to find some treasures. If you want to see my guide to street art types read it here or check out what we have come across in other cities here.

White Monkey - Stencil

White Monkey – Stencil

Rabbit Elvis - Piece

Rabbit Elvis – Piece

Butterfly - Sticker

Butterfly – Sticker

Scientist - Piece

Scientist – Piece

Bike - Drawing

Bike – Drawing

Spirit of Love - Poster

Spirit of Love – Poster



Burning Africa - Stencil

Burning Africa – Stencil

Tom - Sticker

Tom – Sticker

Hungary Cat - Stencil

Hungary Cat – Stencil

Tea - Stencil

Tea – Stencil

Jobbik - Stencil

Jobbik – Stencil

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