Street Art Cape Town

Maynard’s Street Art Obsession – Cape Town, SA

By: Matthew

Cape Town has always had a rich cultural history, but the current state of their street art is off the charts. Art has always been used to comment on social issues, and Cape Town is certainly no exception to that. In Cape Town’s Woodstock neighborhood, they are even using street art to burst onto the international scene; with the delight and support of the community. Some cities seem to be used simply as a canvas, but I didn’t get that feeling as I was walking the streets.

I highly urge all street art lovers to head to Cape Town and see the compelling atmosphere that is hosting some of the best street art we have encountered. Particularly the Woodstock area, check out our post here on just how to do that. Want to see more street art, look here.

Cape Town Street Art 06

Cape Town Street Art 05

Cape Town Street Art 01

Cape Town Street Art 11

Cape Town Street Art 16

Cape Town Street Art 04

Cape Town Street Art 07

Cape Town Street Art 14

Cape Town Street Art 15

Cape Town Street Art 17

Cape Town Street Art 20

Cape Town Street Art 32

Cape Town Street Art 31

Cape Town Street Art 34

Cape Town Street Art 03

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  1. These are some stunning images. I love CT for its enchanting beauty, no matter how many times I have ben there, there is something about this mesmerizing city that keeps me calling back.

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  2. The street art is so colourful and vibrant. Always love to take a look at street art wherever we travel. This street art is so beautiful. It is a pity that the artists in most cases are unknown and unsung.

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  3. Great examples of street art. Maybe it’s not Banksy (who is one of my favourites), but it’s good to know that there is a lot going on in Cape Town.

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