Montreal in Less Than 24 Hours


{Glinda’s View}

Montreal was a perfect mix of Brooklyn, NY; San Francisco, CA and Paris, France. We had planned to visit a museum or two and walk the streets, but that plan was quickly dashed after we discovered the exploding street art scene. Art in general was a main staple in Montreal and it made for a fun and beautiful experience.

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An Easy 48 Hours in Quebec City

Quebec City

{Heather’s View}

I didn’t find much that overwhelmed me in Quebec City. Within the old city walls, the area was small and quaint. Yes, everyone was speaking French. We did not find it to be a problem. We made valiant efforts to greet and try to converse in French and almost every local thanked us for our effort and changed the conversation to English. It was very relaxed to walk around old Quebec and the surrounding neighborhoods, it had the feel of Paris wrapped up in village size. There was no need for a vehicle at any point during our time in QC.

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Maynard’s Street Art Obsession – Montreal, Canada

Playing Cards - Mural

[Maynard’s View]

The atmosphere was busy for midnight. As we searched around for food options in the Chinatown area, we noticed a few art pieces here and there. In the dark, Montreal seemed to be promising. In the daylight, Montreal was a street art jackpot. As we made our way around our original plans were scrapped, and our trip quickly centered around viewing as much street art as we could possibly find.

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