Maynard’s Street Art Obsession – Montreal, Canada

Playing Cards - Mural

[Maynard’s View]

The atmosphere was busy for midnight. As we searched around for food options in the Chinatown area, we noticed a few art pieces here and there. In the dark, Montreal seemed to be promising. In the daylight, Montreal was a street art jackpot. As we made our way around our original plans were scrapped, and our trip quickly centered around viewing as much street art as we could possibly find.

Art was abundant everywhere in Montreal but Saint Laurent Boulevard was where we should have been the entire trip. The murals we captured were beyond belief. I tried my best to photograph all of them, but we simply ran out of time.

Montreal’s encouraged street art attitude reminds me of London, and the shear amount of work on display was up there with Paris and Amsterdam. My Montreal Street Art experience was one of my most favorite. If you are interested in my guide to Street Art look here.

If you are into street art plan a trip to Montreal during their Mural Festival. This year it is June 12-15. Checkout their website for details.If you go, please let us know all about it! We would love to share your post!

Ice Cream - Mural

Ice Cream – Mural

Voodoo Characters - Mural

Voodoo Characters – Mural

Batman & Robin - Piece

Batman & Robin – Piece

Sci-Fi - Mural

Sci-Fi – Mural

Manipulating Foxes - Mural

Manipulating Foxes – Mural

Bad News Brown Memorial - Mural

Bad News Brown Memorial – Mural

Through the Wall - Mural

Through the Wall – Mural

Assorted Family - Mural

Assorted Family – Mural

Omen - Mural

Omen – Mural

The Sculptor - Mural

The Sculptor – Mural

UNC - Character

UNC – Character

Omen - Mural

Omen – Mural

Deer Hunter - Mural

Deer Hunter – Mural

Latch - Piece

Latch – Piece

Positive - Mural

Positive – Mural

Tennis - Mural

Tennis – Mural

Batman - Wheatpaste

Batman – Wheatpaste

Sailor - Wheatpaste

Sailor – Wheatpaste

Cat Character - Drawing

Cat Character – Drawing

Insect Character - Drawing

Insect Character – Drawing

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