Discovering the Wilds of Tampa Bay Florida

Myakka River Park 05

When the opportunity came up at work to travel to a conference, my hand shot up before I even heard where it was. Once I found out the location I immediately started researching what the area had to offer. Initially my goal was to see an alligator or a manatee, but after further exploration I settled on an alligator. With my goal selected, I set out to explore the Tampa Bay area and to keep a keen eye out for Mr. Alligator.

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Maynard’s Street Art Obsession – St Petersburg, FL

Street Art - St Petes 01

I got sent to St Petersburg, Florida for work and had about 5 days, mostly late afternoons and evenings, to explore the area. I had kept my eye out for signs of street art on my drives, but hadn’t really seen much to speak of. I was down to my last few hours and swinging by a local favorite the “Taco Bus” for some food before heading to the airport when I finally struck pay dirt. I clearly hadn’t been checking enough alleys; unfortunately they were working alleys so I had to share with a bunch of cars which lead to some photos taken at strange angels. Interested in seeing more street art check here, interested in seeing my guide to street art check here. On a side note I was particularly delighted to see support from “New Belgium Brewing” for one of the pieces.

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Maynard’s Street Art Obsession – Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Street Art Mural

A recent outing had us spending the day in Baltimore, Maryland and a chance meeting with a knowledgeable local directed us to some of their fine street art. We had been in the area several times in the past, but I had never really come across too much of what the area had to offer in the form of street art. Turns out I had just been searching in the wrong areas, not to mention much to my surprise Baltimore has a mural program; which I fully support. On top of that you can even Google Map “Graffiti Alley” and be directed to a passageway filled with color. I may have underestimated you, Baltimore. If you would like to see more street art click here.

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Spotlight: Library of Congress

Jefferson Building, Library of Congress, Washington DC
The Jefferson Building:

Upon first entering the building there is a moment of adjustment, as you go from the drab gray stone exterior to the intricately detailed Great Hall. There is so much going on in-between the marbled floor with brass inlays to the skylights with aluminum plating that it’s hard to know what to look at first. Evidence of the more than 50 artists that contributed to this masterpiece is strewn throughout every inch of the building. Two grand staircases flank both sides of the Great Hall each one decorated with putti, which are figures representing occupations or pursuits of contemporary American life of the time. The staircases are each capped off with bronze statues holding a torch of electric light. These are in commemoration of Benjamin Franklyn’s discovery of electricity, other tributes can also be found throughout the Jefferson building of the library. Taking either of the two staircases leads you to the second floor and allows you to take in the marvel of the zodiac floor. From this point you will see a smaller staircase taking you even further up where you will be immediately enchanted by the Mosaic of Minerva greeting you half way up. Once you pull yourself way from that continue up the stairs and you can catch a glimpse of the Main Reading Room. This is one magnificent room, unfortunately from this vantage point you don’t get a chance to truly take in the domed ceiling. Head back down the stairs to begin your exploration of all the library has to offer, or head to the lower level to signup for a tour.

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Maynard’s Street Art Obsession – Paris, France

Paris Street Art 01

Paris is one of those places you just expect to find street art. However, upon first arrival my findings were quite scarce. With some searching I noticed that you have to get off the main roads, and head for the smaller neighborhood streets. After that adjustment I started to encounter a taste of what the city had to offer. We were only in Paris for a few days so I am anxious to go back and do some more exploring. Interested in seeing more Street Art check Here. Want to find out more about Street Art checkout my guide Here.

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