Maynard’s Street Art Obsession – Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Street Art Mural

A recent outing had us spending the day in Baltimore, Maryland and a chance meeting with a knowledgeable local directed us to some of their fine street art. We had been in the area several times in the past, but I had never really come across too much of what the area had to offer in the form of street art. Turns out I had just been searching in the wrong areas, not to mention much to my surprise Baltimore has a mural program; which I fully support. On top of that you can even Google Map “Graffiti Alley” and be directed to a passageway filled with color. I may have underestimated you, Baltimore. If you would like to see more street art click here.

Sorta - Wheatpaste

Sorta – Wheatpaste

Dove in hand - Mural

Dove in hand – Mural

Smiley Face - Mural

Smiley Face – Mural

In memory of KK - Mural

In memory of KK – Mural

Orioles Man - Mural

Orioles Man – Mural

Unfinished Tiger - Mural

Unfinished Tiger – Mural

50R74 - Wheatpaste

50R74 – Wheatpaste

Nevsoe - Piece

Nevsoe – Piece

Speak No Evil - Mural

Speak No Evil – Mural

Cat - Wheatpaste

Cat – Wheatpaste

Natty Boh - Character

Natty Boh – Character

Logan Hicks - Piece

Logan Hicks – Piece

Maryland Ave Adult Center - Mural

Maryland Ave Adult Center – Mural

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