Maynard’s Street Art Obsession – Paris, France

Paris Street Art 01

Paris is one of those places you just expect to find street art. However, upon first arrival my findings were quite scarce. With some searching I noticed that you have to get off the main roads, and head for the smaller neighborhood streets. After that adjustment I started to encounter a taste of what the city had to offer. We were only in Paris for a few days so I am anxious to go back and do some more exploring. Interested in seeing more Street Art check Here. Want to find out more about Street Art checkout my guide Here.

Cabaret - Wheatpaste

Cabaret – Wheatpaste

Art Bird - Sticker

Art Bird – Sticker

Pinocchio, made from politician portraits  - Wheatpaste

Pinocchio, made from politician portraits – Wheatpaste

Lady & Raven - Wheatpaste

Lady & Raven – Wheatpaste

Punk - Stencil

Punk – Stencil

Nature's Revenge - Piece

Nature’s Revenge – Piece

Doll Face - Wheatpaste

Doll Face – Wheatpaste

Obama political cartoon - Sticker

Obama political cartoon – Sticker

Lady - Wheatpaste

Lady – Wheatpaste


Police Officer – Wheatpaste

Zam's - Wheatpaste

Zam’s – Wheatpaste

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