Travel Hack: Using Currency Conversion to Save on Airfare

Looking for a way to shave another $10-50 per person off your next flight out of the country? Using currency conversion might just be the answer you have been looking for. By changing the location in which you purchase the ticket from, for example if you’re in the U.S. using Air France’s website and select France as your location, you can take advantage of this hack. A crucial component for this travel hack to work, is to have a credit card that does not charge you any foreign transaction or conversion fees; typically travel cards do this but if you are unsure double check with your credit card company first. (If you need a card I will recommend some near the bottom of the article.)

The process takes a little leg work because not every flight is cheaper, but I will break down my procedure for checking. Let’s say you wanted to go from NYC to Paris in May.

1) First thing I would run a Kayak search to get an idea of what airline is currently giving the best price.

Kayak AirFrance

Kayak search for cheapest airline.

2) In this case we find that Air France provided the best price, so I would go to their website and run the search as if I were in France, which in turn would give me the cost in Euro’s.

AirFrance Language

Air France website with France selected as the country.

AirFrance Euro

Air France with flight prices in Euros.

3) Then over to Google to do a quick currency conversion search and see if there is any savings.

AirFrance Conversion

Quick Google currency conversion check.

4) Just to be certain it’s not just a discrepancy on Kayak’s part I open a new tab and head back to Air France but this time run it as if I were in the U.S. and then double check all the numbers I am given. If everything checks out, BAM I purchase the tickets, and pocket the savings.

AirFrance USA

Air France website with USA selected as the country.

AirFrance USD

Air France with flight prices in US Dollars.

As I said above a mandatory component to this hack is to have a credit card that is free from fees. Another important key is to have an airline website that allows you to change your location and gives you language options. Sometimes the language can be overcome by allowing Google to translate the page for you, so that one is not a deal breaker. If you are in need of a fee free card below are 3 top choices with excellent signup benefits to boot.

Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard is without a doubt the best travel card on the market today, and its reward package can’t be beat. Apply Here.

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card is another great card and has a similar reward package. Apply Here.

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is another fan favorite although their reward earning rate is lower than the previous two. Apply Here.

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