Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures Waterfall Zipline Tour

Glinda and Maynard at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure.
{Glinda’s View}

I love it when a spur of the moment decision changes everything. We hadn’t planned on zip lining, but we drove by an advertisement on the N2 for a waterfall zipline course which planted the seed in our thoughts. Eventually, we passed the location and the seed sprouted and forced us to do a U-turn on the road right into the adventure course parking lot.

The staff was so friendly and fun. They stressed safety as their utmost importance and showed us a couple videos of previous zipliners. Once we were done chatting with the staff there was no way we could say no. We signed up for an afternoon of ziplining for 2.

The Waterfall Zipline Tour at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures was a well spent hour of laughing, smiling, whooping, hollering and beautiful views. I can’t think of any reason not to do it. If gliding over 3 different waterfalls wasn’t enough line 7 took my breath away. It was the longest line of the course, and I felt like I was a free flying bird. It was brilliant!

Maynard getting set for his first run.

Maynard getting set for his first run.

And away he Goooooes!

And away he Goooooes!

Our expert trail guide.

Our expert trail guide.

One of the three falls you zip over.

One of the three falls you zip over.

One of the lookouts on the walking trail.

One of the lookouts on the walking trail.

[Maynard’s View]

Having never been zip lining before I was pretty anxious to give it a shot. We had seen a billboard advertising just such a thing on our trek through the Garden Route. As we stumbled onto the place that we had seen advertised a few miles back it only took a few seconds for us to agree to check it out. After getting suited up and receiving the safety spiel, I had zero hesitations about getting out on the course. The crew at Tsitsikamma Falls Adventure was top notch and expertly guided us through the maze of runs. They had a great layout at the park so not only did the send you down the falls, but in the end the brought you back towards the beginning. All and all an excellent first run.



Tsitsikamma Falls Adventures: is a waterfall zip line tour that takes you up and over the Kruis River. Your journey will consist of 8 runs that show off 3 waterfalls and an abundance of natural beauty, thanks to the plush surroundings of Tsitsikamma National Park. Check their website for current hours and updates.

Location: Farm 509/1, Witelsbos, Tsitsikamma 6304, South Africa.

Duration: 60- 90 minutes of flying fun. Tours depart every 30 minutes and groups sizes can be up to 12 people.

Who Should Do It: Anyone over 18 years of age with a reasonable level of fitness. The hike before line 7 may be challenging to a person who hasn’t exercised regularly.

Anyone between the ages of 7-18 must have a guardian/parent present for a permission signature. Note: smaller people may have trouble gaining enough momentum to make it to the end and may have to pull themselves along the last few feet (myself included on 2 of the lines). Don’t let that scare you; it’s really easy.

It is not recommended for pregnant women, persons more than 264 lbs(120 kg), or anyone with spinal or neck injuries. If in question, discuss with a staff member and he/she will help determine if the experience is best for you.

If you have someone in your group that doesn’t want to join in- no fret. The walking trails on the property are free and provide their own fun adventures.

What to wear and bring with you: Wear long pants or long shorts (and of course, a shirt). You will be fitted with a safety kit to wear throughout your experience. Short shorts are not recommended because the kit may rub or fit snuggly into areas you don’t prefer.

Flat closed toe shoes are preferred. Definitely no flip flops or flimsy sandals. The last thing you want is to lose a shoe along the trails or bash your toe as you hike between the lines.

If you have long hair, tie it back. Helmets are provided but as you soar through the air you don’t want your hair to get stuck in the pulley system. Oh Ouch!

Bring a strap for your eyewear.

It it’s raining, rain gear is available for no extra charge or bring your own light rain jacket.

Don’t forget your camera and camera strap. You don’t want to miss capturing the beauty above the falls.

They provide a complimentary beverage, but on the hot days you will need/want more liquids. They do have a selection of beverages for purchase or bring your own.

Course: The Waterfall Zipline Tour has 8 different lines high above the Kruis River. The longest is 602 feet (211m). Spend your time practicing your photography skills on the 1st and 2nd line because the 3 waterfalls are located on lines 5 and 6. Between lines 6 and 7 is the longest hike, but it’s broken up into 2 parts with a rest area to enjoy a refreshment and wonderful views from a bird’s nest deck. There is also an option to take a short trail to a suspension bridge which offers additional waterfall views. The 7th line is the longest and the highest (about 20 stories). Make a point to really enjoy this line. Take in the moment and embrace that feeling of flying above the trees. Line 8 takes you back to the office to be de-kitted and revel over your zipline experience.

Cost: 350 ZAR which is roughly 35 USD

Recommendable: YES! YES! YES! We had a great time. The staff is fantastic, the process is easy and the experience is over-the-top fun. The price was affordable, and the experience was priceless.

Have you been Ziplining? Would you zipline in Tsitsikamma?

The view from the parking lot.

The view from the parking lot.

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