Maynard’s Street Art Obsession – Richmond, VA

Blowing Planets - Mural - Street Art Richmond VA

The last thing I expected to see on our impromptu road trip to Richmond was street art. On top of that, it was some quality stuff. We only got to drive around in a narrow section of the city, so this is by no means a comprehensive report of the whole metro area. My findings were centered on the downtown section, but I would certainly be into driving around other areas of the city in search of more art. I didn’t notice any random tagging which is always nice, but instead I saw well-crafted pieces which are even better. Richmond is an easy drive outside of the DC metro area and one I would recommend making. If you would like to read more about our day trip to the area, check it out here. If you are interested in seeing more street art, you can do so here. Like to reference my Street Art guide, you can do that here.

Blue Eyes - Piece.

Blue Eyes – Piece.

Baby On-board - Mural.

Baby Onboard – Mural.

"Moonshine" by Bezt from the Polish duo Etam Cru - Mural.

“Moonshine” by Bezt from the Polish duo Etam Cru – Mural.

"The Conjuring" by Aniekan Udofia - Mural.

“The Conjuring” by Aniekan Udofia – Mural.

"DVFBF" by Aniekan Udofia - Mural.

“DVFBF” by Aniekan Udofia – Mural.

Leaders - Mural.

Leaders – Mural.

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